The Way of the Warrior includes The Shaman, Tara and The Demon Slayer

Usan Rise of a Merchant

Yathâ ahű vairyô athâ ratush ashâtcît hacâ vanghęush dazdâ mananghô shyaothananăm anghęush mazdâi xshathremcâ ahurâi â ýim drigubyô dadat vâstârem!!




Praised since the dawn of time by the holiest sages and the most valiant warriors for aiding them in their battle against the arrogant demons, we humbly bow at your feet O' Goddess of infinite grace, beauty and wisdom


Ningizzida is a fertility god often referred to as the Lord of the Tree of Life.  He is sometimes depicted with a human head and the body of a serpent. Ningizzida is also associated with healing and magic and he is the companion of the tormented lover of the goddess Ishtar, the agricultural god Tammuz.


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